Monday, December 18, 2017

Vidya²'s 2017 Games of the Year! Streamer Spotlight - Mefirst

2017 is just about at an end, and for all the other absolute shit interesting events that have occurred, it has been a pretty great year for the vidya. Indie titles have impressed, Triple A titles have actually been GOOD, and age old games once lost behind a language barrier have finally seen the light of day in the west. My backlog has never been longer... until March, when Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Yakuza 6 come out.

Aw hell, who am I kidding? It's gonna get longer next week, during the winter steam sale.


With such a wonderful year for gaming, and with such wonderful streamers streaming (ha!), it's high time that v2 present its own Game of the Year list! Of course, no one man, woman, or robot makes up v2; we're a team, damn it! So that in mind, I've asked each streamer to list their GOTY, their runners up, and their reasons why.

...This being v2, not every streamer answered.

BUT! More than a few did. So here we go~!

Submitted for your approval: The v2 streamers' GOTY lists - 2017.

First up: Mefirst
One of the earlier streamers on v2, Mefirst was streaming long before I ever was. I remember watching his FPS streams and his indie platformer streams, and listening to his sweet, unmistakable French German voice. Here's his picks:


Why: "The best classic RPG since Baldurs Gate 2. In comparison to games like Pillars of Eternity and Tides of Numenera, it also kept the gameplay its' self fresh and did not just rely on the nostalgia factor. It shares the crown with the Witcher 3 on how a modern RPG should be like."

Runner up #1:
THE EVIL WITHIN 2 Homepage: Steam: Why: "While the game its' self is not ground breaking, it does most things right. It’s impressive that they made the open world aspects actually work and they do not feel in conflict with the story and the rest of the gameplay. The Evil Within 2 also does a fantastic job keeping subtle horror, splatter, and a good story in balance."

Runner up #2: GET EVEN Homepage: Steam: Why: "A game that seems to fly under everybody's radar, and I think that is quite a shame. While the sneaking and combat do not reach the levels of triple A games, Get Even should be a example to big developers and publishers on how to make a good story that keeps the player not just entertained, but also on their toes until the credits roll. Get Even does all of that without any pretentious or ham-fisted writing like a lot of other games that people consider “deep”. I am looking at you, Bioshock." So there you have Mefirst's picks for 2017 GOTY. More to come later as soon as I get off work and type it up. For the record, V2 streamer picks are limited to the games that the streamers actually got to try and play ourselves. No streamer has been paid for their opinion (as far as I know; I certainly haven't paid them), and this list is non-profit. Thanks for reading, and please keep watching @! -Loe

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