Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Vidya²'s 2017 Games of the Year! Streamer Spotlight - Sixaxis

Hello again. After a brief break for some winter holiday or other, we're back with more of Vidya²'s picks for Game of the Year 2017.

This time: Sixaxis
Another long time streamer for V2, Sixaxis is actually a member of V2's council of four - the admins for the site and stream group. Regardless of how well we are (or aren't) doing that job, Sixaxis has been a dedicated member of V2 since the early days, and one of our go-to Nintendo fanboys experts for all the new and exciting Nintendo titles. 'Cause, you know... no third party support. HA HA! ANYWAYS, here they are: Sixaxis's picks.

Steam: Ha ha.
GoG: In your dreams.

Why: "Because it takes a lot of guts to try and swerve that hard from the basic formula, from little things like giving you most of the items necessary to beat the game from the beginning, to moving to a truly open world, how to make it fun to move around in it an explore, and to just let you go straight for the end at any time, but for people who want to craft and talk to people and build a village, there's exactly as much for you to do as you wish to wrangle out of the game.
The physics engine actually works, and you can cheat as much as the engine will allow and sequence break and solve puzzles in different ways, things you can and can't do just make sense, actual dynamic weather and puddles that grow and shrink in the rain, adding different weapon styles to change the flow of combat, and swapping between weapon types to make sure you're good with all of them and can exploit weakness based on weaponry of the opponent, plus the fact that I still wanna pick it up and play it almost a year later and I haven't even bought any of the extra content."

Runner up #1:
Homepage: Steam: Nope. GoG: Notta.

Why: "Mario Odyssey did a similar formula change [to Zelda] by adding new movement, but Sunshine did that as well and built the game around it (just like Galaxy, but that was more gravity and stuff) so it wasn't quite as novel as moving entirely away from the whole 'get the new inventory item that unlocks the new area so you can progress' idea [which BotW switched from]."

Runner up #2:

Why: "Divinity 2 gets the other callout for being truly what a crpg should be about, once again."

So there you have them; Six's three picks. As expected, Nintendo won the day for him - though remember, all the V2 stream team's GOTY picks are limited to the games that came out this year that we actually got to play so it's small wonder that Six was getting a lot of use out of his Switch. I would do, if I actually was bought games for it (sale on Zelda when, Nintendo?). Add me as a friend, Six!

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